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Be Berlin

Okay, so Berlin is a big, pretty modern, very clean city. When I first arrived in Berlin, I was a bit shocked for the simple fact that I expected it to look older. Obviously, since the city has a long history, and in the past had been destroyed- it was rebuilt for a more modern civilization. Of course there is still plenty of ancient architecture, and old world charm! This city has a little something for everyone; history, nightlife, culture, and adventure. Also a very open city-- open minded that is! This is a place you can be yourself and let loose, judgement free. Anything goes in Berlin! From sun bathing au naturale, to crazy nightlife. Straight, gay, bi-- however you see yourself is just fine with Berlin!


• Hotel Das Stue – A very Chic hotel that allows luxury to ooze out of every crevasse. This is a very modern, updated hotel. They’ve gone the extra mile and have made sure that your tech accessories can easily integrate with your room. The staff is attentive and the room service is superb!


•Axel Hotel – Their slogan is literally “heterofriendly”. That alone should tell you what you’re getting into; they go above and beyond to make everyone feel right at home. The staff is extremely friendly and the rooms are quite spacious. They also have a rooftop hot tub that offers an unrivaled view of the city. The hotel is in the heart of the gay scene in Berlin, and even hosts many of its own events- so you can have a crazy night out without having to go far!


I had an awesome time in Berlin, however a lesson I learned the hard way was do not order anything to “share”! Apparently, this is frowned upon. I got told off, and served two orders, every single time!

• Tim Raue – This spot is very chic, with an Asian fusion flair. The portions are small, but the flavors are huge, and the presentation is fantastic! The wine list itself is amazing, but overall this spot is perfect if you're looking for fine dining.

• Restaurant Biebrerau – This is another delicious fine dining spot. Their four-course meal is packed with a plethora different flavors, with a variety of champagnes and wines from around the world to compliment it. Super sexy and very sophisticated, the eloquent ambiance is sure to entrance anyone who dines here!


• There’s just SO much to see in Berlin; you could walk for days and you would learn an incredible amount about a number of different things:

• The Berlin Wall is a must-see, of course

• There is a lot of historical monuments you should make time to check out while you are here

• The World War II Memorial is one I feel is very important to visit


I found out that there are a wide variety of scenes in Berlin. I strongly suggest you talk to your concierge about the options and find the one that fits your particular preference.

My personal favorite to date is Prinzknecht – This is one of Berlin’s well known gay bars and it draws a very diverse crowd. The staff is fantastic and the overall atmosphere is great. It's an awesome place to unwind and have a few drinks, while enjoying the music (which is usually top 40 and classics). You're bound to have an enjoyable time here, and will find yourself coming back for more!


You can either take it or leave it, but I suggest taking it! As is customary in Europe, clubs don't really get started until later on in the night. So take a nap, eat a meal, and GO! It’s an experience you won't regret. I do of course have some personal favorites; Tresor and Felix Club Restaurant.

• Tresor – This is your typical underground, techno, and EDM nightclub. They do have a very strict dress code but they also have a very sexy crowd. It's not a typical "gay club", but they do boast an LGBQT friendly atmosphere.

• Felix Club Restaurant – Obviously by the name, it’s both a club AND a restaurant. It’s an all around good time if you just want to party. The cocktails are always flowing and the music is always loud. The food is delicious and the staff is beyond attentive.

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