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Spain… wow, if you haven’t been to Spain, you must! Of course by now I’m sure you can tell I have a huge passion for traveling and exploring and Spain has so many areas to explore.

The Spanish people are just so so fun!!!  As in any other country, you will probably notice they have their own issues as a whole, but who doesn’t??  The level of passion in which they conduct themselves in when it comes to wanting to help, the way they love food and their love for music is so deep and spectacular!

You have so many different cities and beach towns to choose from and so much history. There is no way you can really get to know Spain by just going there once.  It happens to be a really big country. I feel so amazing when I’m in Spain. It’s just so easy going and the people are so warm. Of course for me it's easy since I do speak the language but even if you don’t you will love it. Now in Spain we have way too many destinations so I will only elaborate on my favorites.

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