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Tomorrow's Destination,



Hi everyone, it’s been a while. This year I chose to sort of take it easy a little bit after last years hectic travel schedule. But I am back and I want to talk to you guys about my experience in Cuba.


First and foremost, flying into Cuba is the easiest thing in the world. You book your flight and you buy the Visa at JFK or whatever airport your using. (Or at least I assume most airports would operate the same way, but that you have to check with your local airport).  I actually got a private driver as well as I private tour guide and that was cool, but you don’t have to do all that.  And yes we Americans ARE allowed to go there and there is no problem at all. It is totally legal.




So after a number of years, I went back to Ibiza. The first time around I loved it, this time, I really fell in love with it. I forgot how extraordinarily beautiful this little island happens to be. It really is like no other place I have ever seen. The Mediterranean is probably the most beautiful bodies of water I have ever been in.  This time we also rented a private boat and went island hoping around Ibiza. This was one of the most fun and spectacular things I have done in years! What a day!

From Ibiza we boated to Formentera which is another Island about 40 minutes away. We found this amazing restaurant on this tiny island that you had to have a reservation for way ahead of time. 


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