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"Unity Makes Strength"


Brussels is a very old, very beautiful city, and very enchanting. I got along great with Brussels; they love beer and so do I. In my experience, I found that most everything revolves around drinking and trying new, very delicious beer. The history and beauty will leave you breathless for sure!


• Hotel Sofitel – This is a very chic hotel, with a superb level of service. The staff is extremely attentive; practically waiting on your every command. The rooms are very spacious and updated, giving you a delightfully comfortable stay. They also have an amazing fine dining restaurant inside.

• The Dominican - This hotel is all about luxury! Every room is decorated with high-end art and has plenty of space to relax. The staff is very accommodating- anything you need, just ask! They have a lovely bar and lounge area downstairs adjacent to the main lobby where you can get some amazing cocktails.


Restaurants come and go as you know, so I would ask the concierge for recent suggestions, but here are some of my favs:


• The Sofitel has a chic restaurant you will love! The service is fantastic, and we know how important that is to me! I honestly had an amazing experience overall at Sofitel and the restaurant was a big part of that. 


•Senzanome - Let me start by saying they are closed in the afternoons, so plan your trip accordingly. The food here was great and I really enjoyed the selected pairings, so ask the knowledgable waitstaff for their recommendations! This is not your run-of-the-mill Italian spot- there is a touch of modernity with the way they prepare things. Everything is spiced perfectly and is very flavorful, hence why you should really blend your servers knowledge with your desires!

• Le Rabbasseir -This restaurant is very romantic because of its intimate ambiance and serves top shelf wine and cocktails with amazing food that is a mixture of Belgian and French origin. The waitstaff is delightful and skilled. Definitely the perfect place to take that special someone for a night on the town.


• Comme Chez Soi - This is fine dinning at its absolute finest! The food is prepared by a world class chef and you can really tell just by the way it’s served to you, plus it tastes absolutely AMAZING. They also have indulgent desserts and wine from around the world. This venue is a real treat!


• Walk around and experience the charm. If you love old world architecture, you will find it heavenly for sure.

• Check out the Royal Museums of Fine Art

• Grand Place City Square is a can't-miss 

• Bar hopping will also allow you to meet the locals and see the city

Be sure you bring you camera! There are not many places in the world quite like Brussels. It is such a beautiful city; so well maintained and preserved. Every street will have you looking around and taking in your surroundings.


I found out that there are many different bars spanning the city and we ventured into quite a few of them, to read of course ;)

The thing about Brussels is that it's a drinking city. It seemed that there was always a good crowd at every bar. In Brussels it appears that getting a drink on your lunch break is the norm!

One bar we visited that really stands out to me was called "A la Mort Subite". It was set up in rows, like a beer hall of sorts, and everything was absolutely fantastic. The tap beers were crisp and refreshing, and everything was extremely well kept. We indulged in a cheese plate while there and it was delicious. Be sure to ask the waitstaff for suggestions on pairings, as they have a lot of delectable options.


The nightlife in Brussels is not to be missed! I suggest you stay up late, go out, and enjoy yourself at some of my favorite spots.

• Spirito - It's the typical night club, playing the hottest EDM music. They have great cocktails, amazing bottle and bar service, and they tend to pack the place out. Atmospherically, the club itself is strikingly beautiful. This is a great place to party if you want to truly experience the club scene.


• Fuse - This nightclub has a very underground feel to it, but don't let that fool you- it is a HOT party spot. The latest and hottest EDM and techno DJs play at this venue. It almost has a Berlin-type of vibe to it. The drinks are great and service is fast!

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