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Napa Valley


Renting a car and driving to Napa is totally spectacular. I loved it! Yes you can hire a driver which is fine but driving was so beautiful. We went to the Golden Gate Park on our way out of San Francisco and then headed out to Napa and it is so amazing how the temperature changes so quickly and so drastically. Really cool! I feel that California has some amazing landscapes. And overall the attitude of the people is just so awesome - I love it! I would go back anytime. I love Northern California, you really feel like you’re in another country simply because it is so different than what at least the people on the east coast are used to. Stunning. One thing I will tell you is that most likely you need to hire a driver for the few days so you can get to enjoy the wines, the views and everything this glorious place has to offer. You don’t want to drive after tasting wine all day. Worth every penny.

One of the tunnel Wine Cellars

Napa during sunset. Something that you have to see!!

Arial view of the valley. I cant wait to return!


• Sliverado Resort and Spa is the way to go. This property is absolutely beautiful.


• PRESS in St. Helena is really beautiful, amazing food and has a great vibe for sure.


• La Taberna for amazing tapas-style dining.


• Bistro Jeanty is an amazing little place for lunch if you love French cuisine (Who Doesn’t!).


• Redd is also an amazing place with an amazing touch of elegance

Rows of Grapes in Napa!!


Everything is a sight, this places looks like heaven. So don’t drive yourself crazy looking for what to do, it is all right in front of you; wine and dine and have lots of cheese and crackers along the way. It is so amazing!! Or take a ride to The Freemont diner in Sonoma - this was so worth the drive. Best chicken and waffles ever! It happens to be a very famous and unassuming spot that most people love so I went and checked it out for myself and … boy was it worth it!!! Mmmmmm

But one place I wouldn’t want you to miss is this castle called “Castello Di Amorosa” - what a place! If you want to feel like you went from Napa to Italy in one second then go see this amazing castle. They have really great wine here as well.


There are bars along the way, if you want to drink some more.

We decided that after a full day of delicious wine and amazing food, the best thing for us to do at night in this part of the country is go in the hot tub, reminisce about the day and get a great night sleep so you can wake up and do it all over again.


Night night!

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