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Vina Del Mar


If you make it to Chile you must go visit this beautiful beach town. This country has a lot to offer and this beach town is one you don’t want to miss. It’s small but exciting. The sunsets are incredible and the people are so nice. They love to take care of you. The beaches are beautiful and it seems to me the locals love being at the beach. In the process of going through the town you can’t help but meet wonderful people that will literally stop what they’re doing to tell you how amazing this town is and definitely where to go and have the best meals. ASK LOCALS FOR SUGGESTIONS. I hope you get to see it, it's truly beautiful. I would recommend getting a guide to show you around first so you don’t miss anything. You can do this for a half a day and then go explore on your own.


Hotel Oceanic is unassuming but clean and the views are spectacular.

• Sheraton Miramar Hotel: This 5-star hotel is a beachfront oasis known for it’s spectacular views from almost every room in the hotel. All the rooms are spacious and are completely updated and they also have excellent room service with amazing food (and drinks).


The Rendez-Vous at the Oceanic Hotel - Eating here overlooking the Ocean really set the mood! They have cute plates that although may look small, really fill you up! Walk down from your room to the first floor and enjoy or make a reservation in advance. We didn't have to do so, but it got pretty packed quickly! 

Tierra de Fuego - This restaurant is just a step away from the beach, and built with glass walls so you can get an ocean-side view from anywhere in the restaurant. All while you eat some of finest Chilean seafood around, which is what they’re known for. With exceptional service, food and plethora of wine from local and foreign vineyards, this is just one of the few top spots in the area.

Castillo del Mar - This small quaint spot is sought out for it’s European vibe particularly of the French and Belgian kind. Known for being family owned with amazing food straight out of Paris. And this is another great place for wine lovers.


My favorite thing about this beach town aside from being at the beach all day was walking around and looking at how old this place is and how enchanting it still is. I didn’t have the need to go searching for a lot - it was all right there in front of me and I loved it. When I left I was so relaxed it was amazing.


The Clinic - A great place to go to mingle! Overall, the food and drinks are standard, its the crowd that makes this a place to not overlook! 

Oasis - I'm very big on service and it was excellent here. You would have thought we had a personal waiter for table and bottle service! The interior is so homey with couches and loveseats - great for groups, mingling and to take a load off after exploring all day!

Locos X Vina - We went for dinner and stayed to dance! It was close to the water so there were nice views. The bartender was pouring heavy =)


Club 29 Restobar Lounge - Colorful drinks during a great Happy Hour made for an extremely playful environment! We had tons of fun here - everyone was super sexy so look your best! We did not eat here but the food looked great and was priced accordingly based on the menu we saw while ordering our drinks. We came here on the earlier side but fantastic nonetheless. 

Club DIVINO - This is the premier club to go to if you’re looking for Chile’s LGBT scene. This venue boasts several stages for over the top performances by the hottest DJs, drag shows etc.  so it’s always a sure bet to be a great night. With the hottest music pulsing and the hottest people in the area Club Divino is definitely hottest spot around. And by the way,not only do they have this location but they have another location in Santiago as well.


Club O - The Typical nightclub scene, with a very diverse but very sexy crowd. Plenty of room to dance with great drinks and great service (at bar and bottle service). It’s somewhat of a “techno-ish” dancehall with Chile’s hottest DJs.

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