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Florianópolis, Brazil


Florianopolis is a great, super safe and very beautiful city in Brazil. This city is on the coast and it is a great beach town with lots of amazing hotels, restaurants, bars and untouched beaches to explore. For some reason I felt like life is very different in this city compared to a lot of other cities in Brazil. The way is protected by the authorities was very different than any other city I went to in Brazil. They have a very eastern European flare but that is probably because during the war a lot of Europeans fled to this part of Brazil. Yes, I did my homework.

They are doing a great job at keeping the crime out of this beautiful city and keeping it very clean. There are lots to do here and even though English isn’t exactly prominent they really do go out of their way to speak it. It is quite remote being a two hour plane ride from either San Paulo or from Rio de Janeiro. So, I get the feeling they don’t really get a lot of north American’s on a regular basis. The beaches are beautiful and if you’re into surfing, the you will really love it. I noticed in the two times I have been there that there are lots and lots of surfers form all over the world visiting this area, plus you can see them out on the water all day long.

We had an amazing time here in Florianopolis which is why we went back. I hope you can make it here too.

There’s a little island over the bridge called “Lagoa” this place has a lot of untouched beaches to discover and lots of hiking through the mountains right next to the beach. With lots of people hiking so you never feel insecure. But its is quite spectacular to see the ocean form up the mountain. Do watch out for snakes…  long story I won’t get into but… yeah, It was scary one day. But I only came across one, and only one time, so, its ok, I made it and so will you!

Another great thing you can do here is go to local Breweries and distilleries  and have some cheese and crackers along with some local fruit and enjoy the view of the ocean or the lake while you relax and forget about the daily nonsense.


• The Sofitel Hotel

• Costao de Santinho Resort


• Dolce Vita

• Bistro San Marta 


• Palacio Cruz

• Campeche Island

• Fortaleza de Sao Jose da Ponta Grossa

• There are tons of beautiful untouched beaches to discover! 


Blues Velvet


Ostradamus Bar

Go Out and Drink Something!


Walk by the beach on the Boulevard and there are lots of bars and places to drink and have fun. This is where the nightlife is.

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