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Paris is just Paris, it’s like no other city. There’s so much to Paris that it is hard to put into words. Think of sophistication, class, charm, romance and lots of amazing food all in one. I wouldn’t recommend driving in Paris but if you’re daring enough you can attempt it.  Other than that I would just go there all the time and never see the same thing twice. It is definitely a buzzing city day and night. Unfortunately if you want to have an amazing time in Paris you have to spend some money.  The way I would do Paris is by private guide the first day or two so you can get your baring’s and then you can go venture out on your own. Look, even if you don’t do the private tour or stay at the best hotels, you can’t go wrong here. Even walking into a simple sandwich shop in Paris is an experience.  I love it. Brush up on your French because you will need it.  If you go with that special person you will never forget this trip. And you can eat all you want, it’s all small portions, so let yourself go and eat all you can, you will love it.




• The W hotel Paris is unreal! Centrally located and very different than any other W. Super special.

The W Hotel has taken old world charm, the cleanliness and funkiness of the modern world and somehow mixed it together. As a result, the marriage of these two totally different worlds has given birth to a truly sophisticated and amazingly sexy environment. It is also centrally located so you never have to go to far if you don’t feel like traveling one day or night. There is lots of shopping and a lot of really cute restaurants to choose from. The staff is extremely helpful and honestly, really good looking…  haha yes that matters!  To sum it up….. You will love it here! And you will definitely feel sexy here too.

Part of me has felt that if you stay at one place over and over again all around the world then you aren't really experiencing what an area has to offer. I know people that stay at the same resort chain all over the place and I never understood why because you're traveling without really experiencing the culture. But staying at the W all over the world has helped me understand a little. It isn't a resort so of course I am still exploring but with the W I know that I am going to be treated amazing, the service is incomparable and it will always be a stylish and trendy place. Overall the W is affordable and each location has something different, like a bar or a club or rooftop, so in no way is it the same hotel every time. A familiar, yet unique experience is probably the best way to put it. 

• Hotel Plaza Athenee is over the top in a good way. It's expensive so if you're in Paris for a few nights you'll be getting quite the bill but I highly recommend it. Surely you will feel like royalty. The bathroom is like a giant slab of marble and the bedrooms are so beautifully designed yet not overly decorated and overwhelming. It's very cozy but not in the small size type of way. The bedspread contrasted the walls that matched the drapes. And then we had a balcony. It was amazing. Room service would bring up these small sample plates and beautiful cocktails and it was just so serene. 




There are just too many amazing places to eat in Paris to really be too specific. Speak to the concierge, I know I say that a lot but restaurants do come and go and you will get the best recommendations depending on when you’re into from the hotel concierge. I’ve only been there twice but I have yet to have a bad meal. Also depending on the scene you’re looking for, they will definitely guide you in the right direction. There are sexy funky restaurants, more sophisticated restaurants, etc. As we can all agree just because a restaurant is sophisticated that doesn’t mean its sexy and vice versa. So, speak to an educated concierge and you will find your favorite food and also your scene.




Walk around and experience the charm. If you love old world gorgeous architecture you will find it heavenly for sure. Bring your best attire and I don’t mean a suit necessarily but you want to feel as stylish as this city is. I love just walking in Paris. The sites are amazing and so is just going to a park or a cafe and spending the afternoon relaxing and just allowing yourself to take it all in. If you’re rushing around like we do here in New York, you will miss a lot. You’re better of doing less on each trip because this means you will be getting a lot more in the long run.

• Remember that Paris is global center for art, fashion and culture so there is a lot to see and learn. From the Eiffel Tower to the Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, Paris is the epicenter of high society.


• The Louvre is a must!


• Champ de Mars is a really beautifully landscaped park that will most definitely make you feel like royalty as you walk along it's paths.


• I also loved going to Napoleons grave.


• Even though this will sound cheesy doing a river cruise is also a great and fast way to see Paris. I did it and I loved it. Of course some company’s are better than others. Try it you may love it.

I feel that no matter where you go in the city of Paris you will love the beauty of it all.


• Ask the hotel concierge. Of course this all depends on what you’re into. I found out that there are lots of different bars all over the city and we went into quite a few.

• One of my favorites is The “Experimental Cocktail Club” located in the buzzing Montorguiel District. The expert mixoligist prepares your drink paying attention every detail and every ounce of every ingredient. Definitely something to see and taste!

• If you want something a bit more clubish then try the ever fashionable “Le Baron”. This place has an exhibit of fashionable photography. Plus you may just bump into a real celebrity, so go check it out!




Paris isn’t as crazy as other cities but it has great bars and clubs. I found it to be a lot of fun but for me its more of a daytime-evening city more so than a late night party city. 

I feel that going for a nice long walk after a few drinks or leaving a restaurant and going to have a drink at a piano bar or a martini bar can be just as satisfying as going out all night to a loud crazy bar or club. Or maybe sitting on a bench with your other half or even with just a good friend can be an amazing experience.

However, I have found that in every city that I have been to if you want trouble, you can find it. So whatever you choose to do I am sure you will have the most amazing and memorable time in this super stylish city. I really hope you love it as much as I have.

So grab a bottle of your favorite bubbly (water of course!) and have a glass looking at the Eiffel Tower at night and enjoy the company that you keep! Its a beautiful city where love is constantly in the air. Enjoy it's peace and serenity. 

Paris at Dusk

The Mediterranean

Arial Shot of Champ de Mars

The Pyramid at The Louvre

Find yourself a nice outdoor eatery and enjoy tons of artisan cheeses and of course, amazing wines!

Paris is a very fashion forward city and picture taken by Hazan.marco shows us just that! So weather you're at your new favorite cafe or just taking a walk though the park be sure to dress to impress! 

Les Deux Magots, Paris

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