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"The Saltwater City"


Vancouver is a great city with an amazing Asian flair and lots to do from big markets to the harbor and lots more. Form here if you can, do not forget to hop over to Victoria Island, it’s beautiful.


• The Fairmont Hotel – This hotel is right on the water and if you have a good view from one of their spacious rooms it can truly be an amazing stay in this classic hotel. Their room service is quick and responsive and the food is fantastic.


• St. Regis Hotel – If you’re looking for less of the classic look and more of the modern deal then this a great hotel to look into. All the rooms are updated and scream luxury from the minute you check in. They have a dinning facility near the lobby that is simply 5 star.


• Blue Water Café – The seafood here is absolutely amazing. The waitstaff is very attentive and informative, so if you have questions about what you’re ordering and eating, they have all the information. The cocktails are amazing and their wine selection is quite extensive.


• Miku – This is an upscale Japanese and Sushi spot and the food is to die for. Located in downtown Vancouver, it tends to get packed for lunch and dinner so make sure you make a reservation. Not only do they have Japanese wines available they also have Japanese beer on tap.


• Chambar – This is a hidden gem in Vancouver. Between the ambiance, the waitstaff and the food it is an overall amazing experience. They have some of the best food in the area and are well known for their Belgian influenced entrees.


I really think you will love being by the water. I actually ran into Goldie Hawn and her husband Kurt Russell in one of the markets. That was fun!

• Stanley Park is pretty spectacular If you want to go on a romantic stroll with amazing views.


• Capilano Suspension Bridge is a bit scary and cool.


• Grouse Mountain is a beautiful adventure, if you’re not afraid of heights.


• Prohibition Bar – This bar is simply put, for the super sexy and super sophisticated. The music doesn’t get turned up to high but that’s because of the conversations taking place. The cocktails are fantastic and the bar staff is super attentive and friendly. While they’re not a “gay bar” they are LGBT friendly.


• The Fountainhead Pub - This Gay Bar is absolutely fantastic. The wait staff and bartenders are completely attentive and make sure your glass never goes empty. On top of that they have some amazing food (bar food for the most part but it’s so good).


I didn't really have crazy late nights in Vancouver but I would recommend checking out The Cobalt. This is a live entertainment venue that does a little bit of everything but they do serve cocktails and they put on some really good shows. They also have a DJ night usually once or twice a week where you can dance the night away.

The Empress Hotel

There are so many places to enjoy fabulous dishes in Vancouver. If it's nice outside you'll have plenty of options for outdoor dining!

Downtown Vancouver at Night

Omnimax Theatre, Vancouver

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