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So I finally got the chance to go see Portugal and see what all the hype was about and guess what… It was absolutely awesome! I'd like to tell you a little bit about what I discovered. 

From the minute you get to the airport the locals can't do enough for you, I found the Portuguese to be one of the friendliest bunch of people I have ever met not to mention really beautiful - male or female they are a hot bunch for sure.  We stayed at two hotels just so we can experience the difference between the two and we found that they were both really sophisticated and they both had their own charm. Of course, they both were hand-picked just because they were both small and more boutique style hotels. I'm Sure I have told you all in the past, I don't really like Big huge hotels where I found that all you are is a number, no one even knows your name. These hotels are the complete opposite of that, they are all about you and making sure you have the most amazing time possible.

1 - Solar Do Castelo
2 - The Late Birds 


Both in Lisbon and both quaint and super charming with a modern approach to an old world feel. The only difference is The Late Birds is more of a gay hotel.  But still super clean and very sexy. 

As far as places to eat I will suggest a few, however, even in the small "off the beaten path" places, I found that the food here is super clean and very tasty.

1-Casa Da Comida- This is a very artsy and cozy restaurant with a really beautiful garden inside. The food was really great and the service was on point. The staff is really friendly and really wanting you to have an amazing time. It is tucked away but it's worth the search for it.

2-Noobai café – The place is really  cute but the best part about it is the drinks and the view, not to mention its in Bairro Alto and it has the best evening party all around it  because of the spectacular views of the bridge, The Christ up on the mountain across the water and of course, the ocean.  Sooo fun!

3-Cervejaria Do Bairro- This place is definitely really modern and outstanding. The best drinks, the best food, and a super friendly staff. They know how to set the mood for the way they have lid up to the place, it's so sexy inside. You'll love it. By the way, visit some of the bakery's around town…. Holy cow! They are so amazing!!! They really know how to make tasty treats. Yum!
And as far as the nightlife Walk through the Old Bairro Alto, this is up at the top of the old town and you will find the coolest little bars and clubs. We went to so many and we had a blast exploring every night and every night we found something special.  

Amazing beaches within 20 mins away also surround Lisbon. Beach 19 is my favorite and this beach is also a Kitesurfing paradise. The worse part of Portugal is the day you leave because once you're there you really don't want to leave. 

Belham Tower, Portugal

Street Art commemorating the Carnation Revolution, Lisbon Portugal

Sunset at the Beach, Portugal

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