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South of France


The South of France is a trip in and of itself. Here you can do a beach vacation or you can do a beautiful semi-royal one in the countryside. From the glamour and the glitz of Nice and St. Tropez to the charm and beauty of Aix-en-Provence and everything else in between. This is a fun and super exciting trip you must do at least once in your life. The drive from the beach to the countryside is unforgettable. Even stopping along the side of the road at a rest stop for gas is something to remember. Here alongside the road at rest stops we have McDonald’s while in the South of France they have the most amazing little restaurants with the most amazing fresh food and cheeses I have ever seen. So, of course we stopped for gas and we ended up having lunch and spending close to an hour and a half at the rest stop. It sounds crazy but it’s real and it is amazing. Do make sure you have enough local currency for tolls, I didn’t and that was a bit of a nightmare! Just sayin….

You can either party like crazy, which we did in Nice or you can go to dinner and have an amazing, romantic time. Whatever you want to make out of this part of France you can do. Of course the later it gets, the more fun it becomes and the crazier it gets! Please make sure you give yourself time because you’re going to need it. You don’t want to rush through this vacation, there is just too much to do and see.




• In Nice we stayed at The Martinez Hotel, this place is pretty popular and it overlooks the gorgeous Mediterranean. Amazing!

• I did see the Ritz Carlton a block or two away and that too looks (as always) amazing. But like I have stated in the past, although I love The Ritz and you can never go wrong with it, I like to explore local hotels. And The Martinez did not disappoint. In Provence we rented a BIG beautiful old mansion in Avignon and lived like local royals for the remainder of the week.


In Nice:

• Les Pecheurs

• Le Sejour café

• Oliviera

In Provence:

• Les 5 sens

• O’petit A petit

• Au Jardin Des Carmes

• Auberge De Cassagne

• L’Agape- Great lunch!




I’d like to just mention that being in the South of France form the minute you leave the airport everything is a sight! You can't help but to not want to miss anything that this magical place has to offer but I will mention a few other things to do, should you want to do more.


• Chateauneuf-du-Pape- “City of Popes” - This is a must!!

• Luberon Villages

• Eze

• Marseille

• The Bridge of Avignon

• Sete is a quaint seaside fishing town that you need to visit. 

• Cathars Castles


Bars and places to have a glass of wine are everywhere. Have your pick! When your legs start to give out, stop! Look around and pick one. I’m sure you will have the best wine and the best view ever, no matter where you decide to stop, drink, and literally smell the roses.


Our nights in Provence were spent cooking surrounded by good friends and family after going to the market everyday and picking out the best the local farmers had to offer. Accompanied by the best wine we also picked up at local wineries along the way and we drank and ate till our hearts were content and then we would get up, make an amazing breakfast in our large beautiful kitchen and do it all over again [Insert Dreamy Romatic Sigh Here] =)!

The Martinez Hotel

Provance, France

Papal Palace in Provance

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