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Carilo is a really beautiful and enchanting little but not so little town about 4 hours away from Buenos Aires along the coast. Picture a forest, a beautiful magical forest tucked away by these huge old trees and a little town built in and around it. It really feels like you’re in a fairy tale. It is very high-end but with no attitude whatsoever. Its like mini mansions in a real enchanted forest. You can of course rent a house right here and have lots to do, or you can stay on the beach since Carilo is about four miles from the ocean, get a beautiful house and live like a king or a queen for close to nothing. I did the house thing again, with a housekeeper and all, a block away from the Ocean and had ocean views from pretty much every room. Amazing! The landscape is like nothing I had ever seen before. It’s very hard to describe but just so beautiful.  Another thing you can do is rent horses and basically take them with you for the day, ride along the beach or through the forest, whatever you want with no one telling you what to do and how to do it. Yes, in the US that wouldn’t work but these people don’t have as many rules and regulations which can work to our advantage a lot of times such as in this scenario. It felt so liberating. The food is so amazing here too. Most of what they eat (as it is in a lot of countries I have visited) is freshly picked instead of bottled, canned or frozen like we do here in the states. I can go on and on about how amazing this place is, so dare to put it on your list of places to go.


We happened to stay in a big beautiful house one block from the Ocean here as well but, as always, I did check out some hotels so I can come back and give you some suggestions.


Because we had a house rented, we did a lot of cooking in, which was fantastic! We sourced all of the needed ingredients from local markets and had a blast preparing food in as local of a style as we could!


I can say a lot but the only thing I will say about Carilo is, If you ever wanted to truly feel like you were in a high-end enchanted forest… I know, not exactly what we all desire to do but hey, some of us do! Then Carilo is the place to go. It is truly magical.

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