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I don’t have to convince you that England is a great country. It is so rich in history, and it is breathtaking. What a wonderful nation this is! We have so much to learn from them. I love England and I believe you will love it too if you haven’t yet had the chance to explore it. I could go on and on about London, Dover and many other places in England that are nothing short of beautiful, but also so inspiring, in every way. The history, the charm, the beauty of the countryside and a level of unsurpassed sophistication- there is no place quite like England. You will probably want to visit England time and time again, because it is just too much to take in during one trip. I love the nightlife as it is so vibrant and so full of life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


And if you have the time, be sure to visit Dover. You will be amazed at how meaningful this little town has been to the country’s history.


​• Part of me has felt that if you stay at one place over and over again all around the world then you aren't really experiencing what an area has to offer. I know people that stay at the same resort chain all over the place and I never understood why, because you're traveling without really experiencing the culture. But staying at the W all over the world has helped me understand a little more. It isn't a resort so of course I am still exploring, but with the W I know that I am going to be treated amazingly, the service is incomparable and it will always be a stylish and trendy place. Overall, the W is affordable and each location has something different, like a bar, a club, or a rooftop attraction, so in no way is it the same hotel every time. A familiar, yet unique experience is probably the best way to put it. 

• Rookery Hotel- If you are looking for a small, very English experience then this is the place for you! The rooms are old-world classy and there is so much to do surrounding the hotel. Bars, restaurants, and entertainment are just doorways away. 

• Claridge’s Hotel is amazing. The price is on the higher end, but it is well worth it. This place screams "class". Breakfast on the rooftop was superb, and dinner was so refined. We could have spent an entire day at the hotel alone! Everyone there was beyond polite, so be social and you can learn a lot! I spoke with some great people in the lobby as well as at the bar and learned about the area, the history and some local hidden gems. I know I've said it 1,000 times but take advantage of local knowledge so you can find some less touristy spots! 


For London I would highly recommend speaking with the concierge. There are so many amazing restaurants in London it’s kind of hard to choose sometimes. Not to mention, restaurants come and go. But any type of food you can think of, you can find it in London.


Walk around and experience the charm! If you love old world architecture you will find it heavenly for sure. This very multicultural city has pretty much anything you could want to find.  A walk through the infamous Harrod’s is a must. Just be careful, you may fall in love and that will come at a price. Please go see a theater production, you will be glad you did!

• The Houses of Parliament


• Kensington Palace


• The National Gallery


• Buckingham Palace


• Trafalgar Square


• Windsor Castle


• The Clock Tower


Start in Soho and see where the night takes you, its part of the fun.

We started at THIRST and it was a blast! The people, the drinks, the! Have you ever asked a bartender what they like and they get a little snooty because they just want to make your drink and move on? Yeah, not here! We were offered some samples, and honestly I kind of felt like the bartenders were interviewing for us. I mean that's how great the service was. Oh and the place is two floors and there is room to dance. But don't just get stuck in one place, get out there and explore! Start here and you'll be beginning your nighttime adventure on the right foot. 


The nightlife in London won’t disappoint! You can find any scene your little heart desires. Again, when in doubt about where to go for the night, speak to the bartenders, they usually know the hottest spots.

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