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Windsor is where the Royal family spends their weekends. It happens to be a town on a river; it’s a beautiful, magical town only about an hour from London. Visiting the Windsor Castle should definitely be at the top of your list. Keep in mind it's open to the public only six days a year, I would try to go see it one of these days. It’s really very charming. 


If you want to feel like a Royal, I would highly recommend staying at The Oakley Court. This place is like no other that I have ever seen! The architecture, the grounds, the scenery is unreal, and the pricing is very reasonable.




There are lots of places to eat and drink but I was only here over night, and after walking around all day I went back to the hotel and never wanted to leave. The restaurant at The Oakley Court is fantastic.


If you go to this part of England be ready to take it all in and live a little bit of a dream. It's really enchanting and very special. We all want to feel like a Royal sometimes and Windsor will definitely make you feel like one.

Aside from spending your day walking around and seeing how incredibly charming this town is, you can go visit:

• The Windsor Castle- A MUST SEE!!

• Windsor Great Park

• St. George’s Chapel At the Castle

• Dorney Court

• Frogmore House

• Savill Garden


Start in Soho and see where the night takes you, its part of the fun.

We started at THIRST and it was a blast! The people, the drinks, the! Have you ever asked a bartender what they like and they get a little snooty because they just want to make your drink and move on? Yeah, not here! We were offered some samples, and honestly I kind of felt like the bartenders were interviewing for us. I mean that's how great the service was. Oh and the place is two floors and there is room to dance. But don't just get stuck in one place, get out there and explore! Start here and you'll be beginning your nighttime adventure on the right foot. 


There are lots of places to stop and get a quick bite or a drink or two as you walk around this piece of heaven. As far as I’m concerned it is not a town you go to to party, but one you visit to enjoy the beauty of life and history all caught in one place.

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