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Madrid is such an architecturally rich city. It’s a city you can walk around a lot in and discover a lot as you walk.  As in any other city in Spain, the nightlife is great and the food is amazing. Unlike Barcelona, which is so multicultural even though it’s a Spanish city, in Madrid you get the true feeling of Spain. The real Spaniards rule in this city. I love it. There are a lot of different museums, lots of culture and amazing architecture.  I LOVE all the little cafés along the small streets. I found so many delicious things to try in the process of exploring.  There are Plazas, Palaces and a lot more to keep you entertained.  And it’s very royal and grand in its own way. I love it. You really cannot get bored in this wonderful city with so much history.



• Hotel Westin Palace Madrid is where I stayed and I loved it. It’s perfectly located, the service was amazing and the Breakfast was amazing. Just don’t send all your stuff to the cleaners at the hotel like I did when I got there because you will get a really big bill for that at the end. Oops!  Who knew?  But at least I looked good the whole time!

After a long day go relax in this amazing hotel and get ready for what the night has to offer. The nightlife is insane and they are so much fun! I hardly slept at night because it was that much fun!  So… don’t be old and go to bed early, you’ll miss out on a lot.



You know that saying "When In Rome..." well here’s a new one for ya: "When In Spain... EAT SPANISH FOOD!" That’s all I eat when I'm here and I love everywhere I've been but here are the ones that top my list:




• Los Montes de Galicia


• Algarabia


• Meson Restaurante La Mi Venta



• El Retiro Park, it is quite big so be ready to walk, but it is extraordinarily beautiful.

• Cathedral De La Almudena

• The Royal Palace of El Prado

• The Palacio De Linares

• The Church of Santa Barbara

• The Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes

• The Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales which is a monastery.

• The Royal Convent

• Royal Botanic Gardens

• Plaza Mayor

• And a must is “Palacio Real de Madrid”



• Krug Bar at The Ritz

• The Irish Temple


• Cerveceria Los Morales


As the concierge at your hotel! There are literally tons of places to go and the locals know some amazing spots that are a little less touristy! This can be especially great if you're looking for something slightly on the quieter side. 


• Kapital is really hot!

• Barco

• Moma 56

Plaza Del Callao, Madrid

Puerta De Alcala, Madrid

Statue in Downtown Madrid

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