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Punta Del Este, Uruguay

 Punta Del Este is a real destination in South America particularly among the rich and famous. Lots of Spanish as well as American stars have homes here. I’m assuming that they probably feel safe and secluded, sort of, but also I’m sure they realize it’s a really great kept secret. Not a place most of the world runs to, at least not a lot of Americans but don’t misunderstand - it is the Hamptons of South America. They have great hotels, amazing restaurants and a lot of private parties you don’t want to miss. Of course you’re going to have to meet the right people to get invited… but spending the day at the beach can totally take care of that, most people are super friendly. I also love that they do have a good ratio between heterosexuals and gay people. And they are very cool no matter what you are or who you are. So there is something for everyone. And it is way sexy!


• Hotel Fasano – The property itself is amazing and secluded. The staff is very attentive from the minute you check in up until you check out. Their bungalows are all updated and luxury is the key point to the entire experience; you might not want to leave the actual property itself because they have literally everything and with an amazing bar and restaurant to go with it. This place is so different, so sophisticated and the views are spectacular.


• Atlantica Boutique Hotel - This hotel although quaint, screams luxury. The rooms are spacious and inviting. The service is amazing all around. There is a small pool area to relax at with king size beds just outside of the pool, with a small bar. The property itself is just steps away from the beach.




•  Virazon- This restaurant serves traditional Mediterranean/South American seafood. The food is amazing - especially the paella. The waitstaff is excellent and they have an amazing selection of cocktails. This spot is perfect for eating out next to the water, it has beautiful ocean front backdrop and is located near a yacht port.


• Boca Chica Puerto – This spot has a very romantic ambiance, and is a great place to eat while you watch the sunset. They’re known for their take on Uruguayan delicacies, including fresh octopus. With great service and great food this is a very sexy spot to enjoy some fine dinning.


• Artico – This is a very fast paced type of environment and can be a bit noisy, but the food and service is amazing. They offer a buffet style layout but you also have the option of having food made fresh to order and the seafood is outstanding.


• La Marera – This restaurant is huge, with great seafood and amazing cocktails to go with it. Not to mention the view and the ambiance, this spot is right on the harbor. It doesn’t get too crowded and the waitstaff is very attentive, very friendly, and will make your experience extremely enjoyable.


My favorite thing is spending the day at the beach, breaking for a late lunch and then walking around the town taking it all in. Then go take a nap or enjoy the pool and get ready for an amazing evening. Make sure you look amazing! This place is super sexy! After dinner and a few drinks get ready to party!! They love to have fun. So don’t go to sleep early and miss out. It’s insane. And don’t be surprised if its 5 am and you’re still out, that’s just how they do it.

There are also bike and boat tours not to mention renting your own boat. But you should also go see:


• Los dedos de Punta del Este


• Faro de Punta de Este


• La Mano de Punta del Este


• Museo Ralli




My favorite thing about this beach town aside from being at the beach all day is drinking … at the beach! Or breaking and going to get a “Picada” or a little something to much on while you enjoy the scene.

• Moby Dick –  This is an amazing spot to go to if you’re interested in having a few drinks and dancing the night away with the resident DJ playing top 40, classics, and even today’s latest hip hop, pop, and rock. This spot has a terrace to sit down outside, relax and unwind and not to mention an outside and inside bar with a huge selection of cocktails. They also feature live performances from local talent.


• Chupitos – This spot has fantastic service with amazing cocktails and very relaxed but sexy ambiance to it. The staff is very nice and they have excellent service. The music is usually a mixture of top 40 and local bands.


•  Parada 30 – This is another spot right on the water. They typically function more as a restaurant but their bar has a very lively crowd. The service is amazing, the food is great but the cocktails hit the spot and with an ocean view right outside this is a very sexy place.




• Ocean Club – This club is right on the beach and is a great place to party into the night. The music is fantastic and the cocktails are amazing. While it can get very crowded quickly the staff keeps up with the pace with excellent service.

• Moonlight Disco – This is a typical night club, with great drinks and the latest EDM music. They’re known for their foam parties which can get a little messy but if you don’t mind the mess and you tip your bartender generously they’ll make sure you have an amazing time.

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