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New York City


There are bars all over the city for all types of people. Here are some of my favorites:


• Late late is a fun neighborhood bar down town.

• 205 Club- this place has awesome music!!  I love it here. Its tiny but full of soul.

• The rooftop at the top of Public.

• The bar at Tao is always crazy in a good way.

• The Ritz  in midtown if you want a fun gay bar.

• Vandal has a really great party downstairs on Tuesday night. 

And again, there are thousands of bars in New York  so explore!!  You may find something amazing too.


• The Metropolitan museum of art, Is a must.


• The intrepid


• Central park


• The Statue of liberty


• Top of the rock observation deck


• The Empire state building


• Battery Park


• Museum of modern art (MOMA)


• The federal reserve- this is actually really amazing.

You can see all the Gold NY is housing for a lot of countries.


• Radio City Music Hall


• The American Museum of Natural History


• There are a lot of boat tours around the city as well.


• Vandal must be on your list of places to go if you want really good food in a super sexy environment. Right downtown.


• Nobu- There’s one in midtown and one downtown. I know I’ve mentioned Nobu before but they are all different and super fun not to mention delicious. The one in midtown is my favorite. It just is.


• Avra- this is probably the best Greek food I have ever had in my life. This place is at the top of the list when it comes to quality. High end  but not stuffy. I love it.  THE best Baklava ever.


• Blue Ribbon is great if you love  really good Sushi. They have a few throughout the city. I love the one at Columbus circle but they are all good.


• Victor’s café if you want Cuban. Yes it’s in the midst of the theater district but it’s so good!! This place has been around for ever and still killing it.


• Mr. Chow for elegant Chinese food in a very sexy environment.


• The restaurant at Public- The hotel. This place is run by Jean-George. Say no more!!  With a very organic flare and a sexy touch to the décor, what do you need? It’s so worth it.


• Gramercy Tavern if you’re looking for something great but more classic instead of such a scene. This place has also been around for a long time and it’s still really great.


• The Polo Bar- Ralph Lauren’s Newest Restaurant. Really hard to get in but you can always call American Express if you’re a platinum or a black card member and have them get you a reservation. Love it! And yes, it is quite the scene.


• Tao In the meat-packing district. Of course this place is hot!


Of course there are lots of little restaurants all over the city , however I will stay away from The Time Square area if you want amazing. I’m sure there are some but generally speaking, not my favorite area to eat.

Welcome to The Big Apple - The City That NEVER Sleeps!


Lets talk about one of the biggest cities in the world. New York City, somehow just the name alone sounds Grand! I have been in and around the city my whole life pretty much and I have gotten the opportunity to really get to know  a lot of what’s  taking place  here  in this amazing city of ours.

I love the fact that whatever you want, you can find. Or at least, most things.  It is definitely and buzzing city now matter what time of day or night and I love that. There are so many sections of the city. And right in the middle of it all, there’s central Park. An amazing oasis right in the heart of the city where you can find peace tranquility  and be still    or  if you’re looking for entertainment  in the park , you can find that too. Often enough they have concerts  and different types of shows  during the day as well as night time.  You can jog or roller blade and feel sexy while you do. I have to be honest, New York has a high concentration of good looking people from all over the world, that’s really something when you think about it. Just saying………

 I love the lower east side the most, just because it’s slightly more clam and there’s a little bit of everything whether you’re straight or gay, rich or poor. You’ll find it fascinating.  But I do make my rounds in all the neighborhood’s in the city of New York because they each have something unique to offer, so I suggest you do the same. I will suggest some things to do and see. I’m sure you will have an amazing time no matter what are you decide to hang out in.

Make sure you explore the lower east side, the Upper East Side if you want something more low key. The Upper West Side has more of a neighborhood feel but you can still find enough bars and restaurants to hang out and eat at. I love the Upper West Side. There’s also a park along this street called West End (You will love WEST End) along the Henry Hudson parkway and you can get down to The Hudson river from this park also, it is really beautiful.


• The W Hotel Of course !!!  But there are quite a few in NYC. NO matter what you can’t go wrong with a W hotel but I’m going to suggest the one on Lexington and the one on Albany Street. Just because it less crazy downtown. These 2 hotels are amazing.  And perfectly located so you don’t have to travel far to find greatness.

Part of me has felt that if you stay at one place over and over again all around the world then you aren't really experiencing what an area has to offer. I know people that stay at the same resort chain all over the place and I never understood why because you're traveling without really experiencing the culture. But staying at the W all over the world has helped me understand a little. It isn't a resort so of course I am still exploring but with the W I know that I am going to be treated amazing, the service is incomparable and it will always be a stylish and trendy place. Overall the W is affordable and each location has something different, like a bar or a club or rooftop, so in no way is it the same hotel every time. A familiar, yet unique experience is probably the best way to put it. This one has an amazing restaurant, a lounge and a nightclub. It's like a resort and very close to the strip. 

• The James Hotel downtown on Grand Street is quite amazing as far as I’m concerned. This Small boutique hotel has a lot to offer and they have a bar called The Jimmy, which is really fun and definitely a scene. So  Check it out! This Place is SEXY!!!


• I am not sure if you’re familiar with Ian Schrager, He has taken the pretention out of luxury making luxury affordable to most people. His latest project in New York is called “Public” down on Chrystie Street. This Hotel is super super sexy! The roof top bar is one of the best in the whole city.  So, if you can, do it! You’ll love it.

Empire State Building with Downtown in the background

Old but a personal favorite. New Years Eve in Times Square. Shot from a sectioned off area for VIPs. Wiz Khalifa was standing behind the man who took this photo & his girlfriend! Talk about a view!!

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Times Square at Night, Midtown, New York City.

Black and White with Colorized Elements. [Image Credit]

The Statue of Liberty at Sunset.

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Just a typical day in NYC. A stunning Mercedes AMG parking in front of DIOR in Manhattan. The cars of NYC are SEXY! 

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Dinner at 212 Steakhouse in Manhattan.

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Times Square at Night. Midtown, New York City.

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Building in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Black and White with Colorized Elements. [Image Credit]


So lets talk about New York guys!!  It is my city and I do feel like I know it pretty well. Everyone knows how super exciting New York is even if you haven’t been there. You can tell and feel it’s energy even by  just watching it on TV. But it is a completely different when you’re in it. As I had mentioned in my last New York City write up… It is so full of energy it’s contagious.  So If you haven’t been to NY in a while I suggest you plan another trip soon. That’s one of the great things about NY, things change constantly, and most change for The better. 


Another thing I don’t believe I mentioned the last time is the theater district. First of all there are plays of all sorts all around the city. It’s not only “On Broadway” there are plenty of smaller “Off Broadway” theater’s all around the city with great productions that you may love. 

The nightlife changes constantlyand on that note I do want to mention the new Ian Schrager  “Hotel Public” which is super hot now, and I Have a feeling it will continue to be for a while. The Restaurant at Public is called “Public Kitchen” and it is a Jean-Georges Creation. This food here is spectacular not to mention the vibe is great and the décor, super sexy! The roof top bar is probably one of the best in all of New York as far as I’m concerned So go check it out.


And if you get tired you can always run over to Club 205 which is a block away. This is a no frills type of little club that plays amazing modernized older music and it has a real “EDM meets house” type of flavor. Or you can also go another few blocks and go to “The Box” , this place is slightly crazy  but worth going to. I’m going to leave that one alone so you can go figure it out for your self  haha. Love the vibe and the music at The Box.


Thank you reading my blogs.  As soon as I find more places to go have fun and play I will report back to you! Cheers!!

Craving amazing Italian Food? Check out Little Italy on

Mulberry Street in Lower Manhattan.

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The Iconic NYC Taxi in Midtown in front of the Louis Vuitton Store. Black and White with Colorized Elements. [Image Credit]

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