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Washington D.C.- "The Capital of the World"

DC is an amazing town. I really felt so much more educated after recently going back as an adult. It was just an amazing experience. You leave feeling so proud to be an American after doing the sightseeing and educating yourself even more on how our country came about and who had anything to do with the success of this nation. We did a private tour with this company called Viator and they were amazing. Of course you learn all this stuff in school but when you go back years later, at least for me, I felt like it really penetrated even more. I found that I had another level of interest and appreciation and therefore I was able to retain more. I loved it. George Town is so cute and so full of life also. So make sure you go visit George Town.

Out of all the places I went to see The Capitol building had the biggest impact on me, probably because of the roll it plays in our daily lives. But aside from feeling a lot smarter by the time I left... I can tell you that the restaurants are amazing and so is the nightlife. So I would highly recommend going to check out Washington DC even if you were there years ago. It is truly an amazing place.


The W hotel!!! Most definitely the way to go. Part of me has felt that if you stay at one place over and over again all around the world then you aren't really experiencing what an area has to offer. I know people that stay at the same resort chain all over the place and I never understood why because you're traveling without really experiencing the culture. But staying at the W all over the world has helped me understand a little. It isn't a resort so of course I am still exploring but with the W I know that I am going to be treated amazing, the service is incomparable and it was always be a stylish and trendy place. Overall the W is affordable and each location has something different, like a bar or a club or rooftop, so in no way is it the same hotel every time. A familiar, yet unique experience is probably the best way to put it.


• Bombay Club - This Indian Restaurant has an "old-world" feel with its high ceilings and giant chandeliers. It is dining in true luxury. This place is a hotbed for politicians, so you never know who will be seated next to you. With that being said, don't be surprised when you arrive and there are a ton of black SUVs outside - nothing bad happened! This place is a Michelin rated restaurant, so that speaks for itself. Everything is delicious so it's not a bad idea to get a bunch of appetizers for the table so you have the opportunity to try as many things from the menu as possible. 


• 2941 Restaurant - Service! It’s amazing, everyone is treated like royalty. The French American menu is spectacular. They have a lot of events here and if you're with a large group there is a private room. It is a bit of a drive from downtown DC but it is totally worth it. 


• Bourbon Steak House - I’ll have a steak served with steak and a side of steak. It was DELICIOUS. Sexy ambiance and, as you know by now how important this it to me, the service was impeccable. I felt like family. It is right off Pennsylvania Ave in the Four Seasons hotel so it is easy to get to and was perfect after walking around sightseeing all day. So work up an appetite before you come here! They are very generous with the portions. 


• Hank's Oyster Bar - Dress casually and enjoy this classy spot! I LOVE oysters so this seafood spot was right up my alley. The drinks had a heavy pour to them and their happy hour is one of the best I have come across in Washington DC. We sat at the bar and the bartender was a great guy who had tons of information on the area. People, talk to those you encounter when you're out to eat and at the hotels! You will always learn of a sexy local spot that you may not have found otherwise! 


• The Rye Bar at The Capella Hotel is whiskey heaven! A spot that you need to dress to impress - the inside is very presidential looking with oak walls and high back leather chairs - it's very classy. The outdoor seating is as beautiful as the presentation of the drinks. Small plate food items add to the trendiness of this spot and it's a great happy hour and late night location that is on the quieter side. 

• Dacha Beer Garden - This spot is seasonal, so be sure to check to see if they’re open if you have any doubt. It has indoor tables but the outdoor garden is the spot! It’s sexy and fun and the beer selection is massive, which probably goes without saying… I mean it is a beer garden. And you get to drink with Elizabeth Taylor, or at least the giant mural of her =). 

• 2 Birds 1 Stone - Modern. Classy. Sexy. Almost enough said with that alone. But this is THE SPOT for a cocktail in D.C.. Anything, and I mean anything you choose on the menu, is absolutely fantastic. 

• Cork - You guessed it, it's a wine bar. Definitely speak to your server here as they will excellently pair tapas-style bites with magnificent wines. Get a wine flight. Or two. Or Three. Then call a cab!


There is sooooo much to see in D.C.. Form the White House to the Capitol building to government buildings to the monuments. I really recommend doing a private tour with this company “Viator”. They are so together, so knowledgeable and so professional it was amazing. I think I got to see it all in two days, yes they were long days but so worth it. They even served us lunch on a boat on the Platonic River and we got to see it all form the water and even that was amazing. They are so affordable and this way you don’t have to drive yourself or take taxis all over the place. So treat yourself!! You’ll never forget it. But the best thing is... you will leave feeling so proud of our country!!! Yay!!!

Be sure to check out the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial at sunset / nighttime. The way they light it up is so beautiful. As a matter of fact, the way everything is illuminated in DC is absolutely gorgeous so be sure to sight-see during the day and at night!!


• Ultra Bar - Look, the reviews are mixed online but I'm telling you I had a great time and you need to check it out for yourself. Yes, the drinks are expensive, but at what nightclub are they not? There are three floors with three different genres of music so definitely explore while you're there because you will meet all sorts of people! 18+ venue so it gets pretty packed. 

• Flash - I’ll start by mentioning that Flash is only closed Sunday through Tuesday so that's pretty cool. It isn't the biggest place in the world but it's a heaping load of fun! Mixed crowd with a fantastic lineup of artists so the music is always fantastic. They also have some decent happy hour deals here. My favorite part was the quality of everything. The drinks were great, the lighting added to the atmosphere perfectly and it was so fun and best of all the sound system was amazing! Like anywhere else, take care of your bartenders and you won't be disappointed with the service. That way you have more time to dance! 

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