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Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is a very cosmopolitan city. After a long day of visiting and exploring amazing architecture and visiting the Rose parks or the Japanese Garden perhaps you may want to relax by the pool of your sexy hotel while having a drink… then try to take a nap, you will need it. Just like in Europe, nothing happens until after 9 or 10 PM!! Yes, PM. This is part of what makes it special. There’s life and people are celebrating it. I have been having dinner at midnight, literally, and looked over and I had seen an Eighty year old couple having wine and enjoying themselves. This happens all the time. Of course you may be thinking… “they probably don’t work anymore” but for as long as you’re there, neither are you! So go out and have a blast. It is so fun. If you do go to BA for Christmas and or New Year’s I suggest you stay put at your restaurant or bar before midnight. Especially if you’re there for the New Year, no one will take you anywhere until they are done welcoming the New Year and having a few drinks first, no matter how much you pay them. They know how to have fun and not even money will get in the way of that. But it is really amazing, so I hope you like it as much as I have.


• Hotel Algodon in La Recoleta neighborhood is Super!  So laid back yet so sophisticated and so stylish. I found it because I stayed at the same hotel in the wine country but I will get to that later when I talk about the wine country

• Mine Boutique hotel is a little hotel in the heart of Soho Hollywood and it is amazing. Do get the bigger room if you can. It’s worth it. So cute!

• Hotel Mio is also very stylish.

• The Faena (Like the one in Miami) is spectacular. Not cheap but amazing so if you’re willing to spend a little more. Do it! If you’re an American Express Platinum member you may just upgraded to a suite and then you’ll really be in business. SO amazing!

• Sofitel. This is a brand of Hotels I fallen in love with. Not so popular but amazing.


• The Argentines Experience

• Aramburu

• La Bourgogne

• Dario Gualtieri Bistro

• Le Sud

• La Rosa Negra


San Isidro Tigre

Museum of latin American Art of Buenos Aires

The Colon Theater

• Take some Tango Classes!

Puerto Madero is a nice port you may want to see.

Plaza De Mayo

La Recoleta Cemetery is like a museum.

Casa Rosada, This is the local “White house” except it is pink.

Parque Tres de Febrero

Botanical Garden

The Water Company Palace

Congressional Plaza

Torre Monumental
• National Congress of Argentina

Plaza San Martin


• Floreria Atlantico at night this flower shop turns into a very cool bar.


• Nicky Harrison


• Grand bar Danzon


• And tons more If you go to Plaza Serrano. Great time and lots of bars to choose from.


Go out and drink something!


• Crobar Is super hot!


• Pacha


• Amerika - amazing music but slightly crazy.

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