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I'm sure by now everyone has heard of Aspen. And if you haven’t been here then allow me to give you an idea as to why this little town nestled in between the biggest mountains of the Rocky Mountains has become so popular. Yes it is a bit challenging to get to if you’re coming from the east coast of the United States; however, it is so worth the hassle. If you’re coming from the west coast it’s a lot easier.

Aspen is probably the most charming ski town I have ever been to. Yes we are lucky to have lots of choices in our country when we want to go skiing but this is by far the most amazing. They have captured a level of sophistication that is hard to find in the mountains. You have everything here and I mean, everything!  From amazing snow to the best restaurants to high-end stores and everything else in between. 

You will probably want to look your best since everyone looks amazing all the time but what’s wrong with that? This place is hot! They have a few mountains to choose from if you don’t feel like skiing the same mountain every day or you can hike the Aspen Highlands if you really want a thrill. Or you can just stay in and relax. After you have an amazing breakfast followed by a nice massage then go do some shopping or maybe a little sightseeing and see all the beauty this town has to offer. Try to go at least once, you wont regret it.

I will be writing more about Aspen in the summer after July 2017. Stay tuned!


There are lots of places to choose from but I will recommend two that I feel have everything you need and more.

• The Little Nell is amazing. Ski-in/Ski-out and super luxurious. They have outdoor patios and pools so this place is stunning year round. The staff is super accommodating! 

• The Saint Regis is also very charming.


• Cache Cache is at the top of the list.

• Casa Tua- You can have an amazing meal in a very sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere and you can also buy some amazing art work here too.

• Ajax tavern

• Grey Lady


The way they light up this little town at night is definitely really special, especially when its snowing out… wow is all you will say as you walk around and realize how magical it really is. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with the locals too, they’re so ready and willing to help and take care of you in any way they can. I love it.

•Marron Bells for hiking

•Independence pass

•John Denver Sanctuary

•Aspen Art Museum

But the best sightseeing you will do is just by walking all over the place, the entire place is a sight.


• The Red Onion


• J-Bar


• HOPS Culture


• Belly Up- They have great live shows often and its a great place to go meet fun people.


As promised I am delivering my Summer Aspen experience. OMG!!! It was way better than I ever expected it to be. First of all God blessed us with the most glorious five days ever!! Every single day was epic. Nothing like a cool summer morning breeze to have breakfast in, then by the time you went back to your room to get ready for your daily adventure the sun was warm enough to have fun in. First day we went biking along the Rio Grand, which was probably one of the most beautiful rides ever!! At the beginning of the trail we were looking at how close the mansions were to the river’s edge and how the whole thing just looked like a scene from a fairy tale, incredible. Then as we biked into the mountain nature just took over. And WOW!!! How beautiful… I forgot about all my worries, concerns and responsibilities and just sorta’ became one with nature. I know that sounds cliché but that’s how I really felt. It was beautiful. We did that for miles and miles. Then went and had a small little lunch since we were riding at this awesome little Mexican restaurant. On the way back we stopped along the river to watch the people get ready for their white water rafting experience. Just being in the middle of the mountain along the river watching them was amazing - so friendly and so ready to live life on the edge.

We did the biking thing for two days straight and then we headed out to Maroon Bells to go hiking .. this place is soo soo beautiful it will make you feel like you died and went to heaven… the way you would picture heaven to be. Holy cow it's so breathtaking! That was a glorious day for sure! But it was five days so I won’t bore you with so many details. I found Aspen to be so worth going to in the summer. They have so much going on for everyone. And if you’re into the smoke shops then you’ll really have fun! Another thing is you’ll never eat that well ever! The restaurants take such pride in what they do. And they have many options to choose from.

And of course the St. Regis Hotel is amazing, got upgraded to a suite which was a nice little surprise… Thanks to American Express Platinum. Yay! Never leave home without it LOL! 

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