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Las Vegas Nevada - "The City of Sin"

If you haven’t had the chance go to Vegas, then, you need to make time. It really is like no other place in the world. In fact it is “it's own world”. I have found that people either love or hate Vegas. I’m not exactly sure why but that seems to be the consensus. I happen to LOVE Vegas… for just about 3 days at a time and then…. I have got to go! Not sure if it’s the energy or the bling or maybe the energy AND the bling… but something about this places draws you in for sure. That being said, I recommend using a lot of common sense and being very cautious. If you want fun, shows, amazing dinners, nightlife like you have never seen before or one or the other than Vegas is the place.


Simply put: It's Vegas. You could stay at the cheapest motel or the most expensive resort and regardless, you're going to have an amazing time! However, Vegas is your vacation spot, so treat yourself! After a day of gambling, shows, clubs, bars, rodeos, renting a supercar, whatever, you are going to want to go back to somewhere that is extremely clean and comfortable so you can relax, get some seriously deep rest and be able to do it all over again! As I mentioned, for me at least, Vegas is a three night town, because it's just so crazy and your doing so much that by the end of your trip you're shot. So splurge a little on the room, its necessary!

I have stayed all over Vegas, minus the lower spectrum motels, but here are my three favorite experiences to date!

• The Cosmopolitan Hotel

• The Wynn Encore - The topless (yes, aren't wearing a top NOT that its an outdoor venue!) pool at The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas is not only regal but extremely sexy! Holy Décor! They really did an amazing job creating this very cool environment. The beds are super cozy and super Glamorous. If you can afford it, get your own Cabana, you will really feel like a king or a Queen or both!  The service is amazing and there’s lots and lots of eye candy no matter what you’re into!! So, if you go to Vegas, do your self a favor and check out this pool… you will never want to leave ;).

Just saying……….

• Delano


You know what's delicious? The buffets! The buffets in the nicer hotels and resorts are world class and you could have sushi and a veal parmesan on the same plate. It's incredible. So, as the saying goes....Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Here are my absolute favorite spots in Vegas. There are so many to choose from, but the service, the food and the atmosphere was incredibly elite! 


• SW Steakhouse

• Nobu


• Carbone


• Scarpetta


• Alize


• Eiffel Tower Restaurant


• Define “Party”….. Shows, Gambling, Dancing… even rock-climbing at the MGM - whatever that means to you, for the most part, you can go do! So, Go to Vegas and have a great time.

• I have actually done the Helicopter “Las Vegas Strip Tour” and as cheesy as it sounds, I loved it! I also took a helicopter form Vegas to The Grand Canyon and had brunch at the bottom of the Canyon by the Colorado River while the helicopter waited. That was amazing! On this trip you learn and see a lot that you wouldn’t see if you drove. So I highly recommend it.

• If you really want to sightsee in style rent an exotic car for the day and go for a ride outside of Vegas! It's pretty cool to drive around the strip also but there's nothing like opening up the motor in the desert! While out there find a cool small town diner and explore!


Most every casino, hotel and restaurant has a very classy bar, with sexy drinks and sexier people. Vegas is such an experience and the people are incredible. You have families, businessmen on conferences, college kids, bachelor and bachelorette attendees and drag queens on 5 foot tall stilts. Have I painted the picture yet? You will encounter all walks of life and every place is a different experience. Here are a few of my favorites. So when you're there, be sure to explore and draw your own conclusions, but be sure to check out these four places that really kept my attention, made me fall in love with the drinks and of course, had service far surpassing my expectations. 

• Sky Lounge

• Mandarin Bar

• 107 Sky Lounge

• Tao

And of course drinking by the pool. Be sure to check out pool parties during the day and after dark. Get a cabana and a bottle, and be sure to check the DJ schedule because some of the world's best talent could be on the rooftop next to you. That reminds me, pool parties on the roof is a must! So much fun and everyone is so sexy and social. 


This page could have three words and that's it: "It's Vegas, Baby!" Vegas is the nightlife capital of the United States and although New York is the "City That Never Sleeps" Vegas should be "The City That Never Sleeps because we party all night and maybe take a nap by the pool the next morning". Every casino has something going on, every bar has a crowd and if you want it, you can find it!

Now I do feel it appropriate to mention that there are people in Vegas that you can contact that will create an itinerary for you, which can be a good idea if you have a desire to party, inexperience with the city and a fairly decent budget. I know someone who contacted one of these people, who used to live in New York and do event planning, to handle their entire trip soup to nuts. Like when I say soup to nuts I mean the hotel was booked, the VIP tables were scheduled, dinner reservations were made and the bar in the room was stocked...including coconut water!

You have so many options when it comes to Vegas and you're going to want to do it all. But don't tire yourself out and know that you're going to want to go back! Below are my favorite spots in Vegas. Whether you want to take a limo to these spots and go VIP or General Admission, you will have a memorable time! Vegas is always super sexy and super fast paced.


• XS

• Omnia

• Hakkasan

• Pure

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