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This place is great skiing and great times. Whistler and Blackcomb are so much fun and they love to party, starting with Après ski right at the base of the mountain. For those really daring people looking for an adventure I highly recommend taking a helicopter from one of the ports in Vancouver and have it bring you directly into Whistler with a total tour of Whistler and Blackcomb right before you land.  It is truly a sight to see, weather permitting. I happened to have lucked out and I loved it.


The Fairmont Chateau - This place is great and looks like a castle! For what it is The Fairmont is extremely affordable. I could go on and on about this place but let's summarize. The staff is phenomenal, the food is prepared in the classiest of ways and they have this hot tub that is both indoors and outdoors, it’s amazing! The pool area has beautiful stonework and tons of space to relax so you don't need to worry about fighting for a spot by the pool. If golf is your thing they have that too, of course only when there isn't snow. I mean this place is so close to the literal definition of perfect year round! In my opinion, go there around the winter holidays, it’s so magnificent the way they dress the place up. It is a true winter wonderland!


• Restaurants come and go as you know, so I would ask the concierge. However when we were there we really enjoyed Garibaldi Lift Co. Bar and Grill. I know I mention this place in the bar section but it's worth mentioning twice!! It was great in the afternoon for lunch and in the evening for drinks and conversation.

• If you're a seafood buff check out Araxi Oyster Bar & Restaurant. It comes with a price tag but its totally worth it!! We tried so many oysters and our server was on point when it came to pairing drinks with the variety of chilled seafoods we had. We must have been there for three hours just trying different things!

• Rimrock Cafe was also very nice and upscale. Be sure to dress to impress here and make a reservation!!


You can see the back of your eye lids after skiing all day and drinking all night.

BUT... I'm sure you didn't come here just for me to tell you to sleep.

Look this is a place that I go for skiing during the winter and hiking during the summers. So as far as sightseeing goes, get out there and enjoy nature! This is where I let my outdoorsmans come out in full force! The area is just so beautiful and everyone takes care of the lands so you don't see trash or cigarette butts along trails. The area is also very safe; I'm not telling you to let your guard down but just know that you can relax and enjoy your surroundings.

If you REALLY want to see all of Whistler, from Vancouver to here, I suggest taking a tour or chartering a private helicopter. This is easier to accomplish from the Vancouver side and they will pick you up at one of the ports. From there they will bring you directly to The Fairmount but they won't drop you off until giving you a comprehensive tour of Whistler and Blackcomb.


There are so many places to go and have a drink. But if you go there during the winter be sure to not tire yourself at night so you can enjoy the slopes during the day! Please speak to hotel staff about bars here as they do come and go. Also ask the bartenders at the hotels what their favorite spots are because they did a great job of pointing me in the right direction. One night I wanted something a little less touristy so I asked the front desk staff and they pointed me to a small "local" bar off the beaten path and it was perfect! Quiet and intimate with a couple bar flies to keep the place lively. It was exactly what I was looking for so be sure to tap those around you for suggestions!

Also, these were some places we went that were supurb!

• Tapley's Pub

• Garibaldi Life Co. Bar and Grill 


Get a good night’s rest, you will need it.

Or...and hear me out here....DON'T.

I mean please do if you're planning on exerting a lot of energy the next day skiing or biking or hiking or whatever. I don't want any of you ever getting hurt so PLEASE take care of your body.

Now, with that being said, if you want to meet some of the most beautiful people in Whistler and have a crazy night then check out Tommy Africa's! Guys, girls...everyone is super sexy and dressed to impress. Price wise it is extremely reasonable and depending on the night there is different music from throw backs to techno so every night is a different experience! Unlike other clubs I have been to the bartenders are extremely warm and accommodating, but as I always say, be sure to take care of them early so you don’t waste your whole night waiting for drinks! The crowd is very diverse and so is what you can do there, from playing pool to dancing to drinking to paint parties, so go socialize and have fun!

Shopping and eating galore!

Spend your days being adventurous! Then unwind in the Village Square at a plethora of bars and restaurants. 

Watching fireworks from the harbor

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