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Prague - "City of a Hundred Spires"

How to begin describing Prague. I guess magical would be a really great way to describe it. Of course we are in Europe so the charm is unreal but Prague is probably the mother of magical cities. It was basically untouched during the war so it is like going back in time. I found the people to be super friendly and always willing to help you even if they struggle with the English language. There is sooo much to see. There are numerous castles that you have to go visit. Prague is divided by a gorgeous river so make sure you go to both sides of the city. The nightlife is super fun and full of life and I got the sense that everyone just wants to have a good time. They have different priorities and one of them is having a really good time, which was so refreshing. I hope you love it as much as I did. I would go back anytime!! You do need some time to grasp all that this city has to offer.


• The Augustine, a Luxury Collection Hotel - This place is amazing, between the spacious rooms, the excellent staff and even the layout of the hotel is pure class. Some rooms are set up like lofts so it’s almost like a little home away from home. This hotel is truly deserving of the luxury collection title.


• Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa – If you’re looking for that “regal” type of luxury this is the perfect hotel. With jaw dropping rooms straight out of a palace and the fine dining experience that they offer at their restaurant and for room service you are sure to feel like a King or Queen. Also as it says in the name they have an amazing spa complete with an indoor pool and gym.


• Bellevue – This very special and stylish restaurant is at the top of it's class. It’s trendy, very warm and welcoming and the food is absolutely amazing serving some of the best European food.


• Pot Au Fue – This restaurant is really for my wine lovers as their selection is simply out of this world. This restaurant is known for their high quality food, top notch French delicacies and wine selection. The restaurant itself is very sexy.


• Mylnec Restaurant – This spot is situated just along the Charles Bridge and if you get the opportunity to sit next to the window you’ll get a spectacular view of the bridge and the river. With the breath taking view you’ll also get amazing food from the area and they also have vegan options.


Walking is the best way to see Prague. I would make sure you are in shape enough to walk everywhere. You can also take the bus if you want but you’d miss out on a lot. It really is hard to figure your way around but once you get it, it is quite spectacular. I went to a lot of little bars/lounges where people are having a drink or smoking “something” (yeah it’s a very open city) and very much willing to talk and tell you how amazing their city is, I loved this. I feel like most areas of the city have some story. Again, this city was spared during the war so it’s truly amazing. Walking on the famous Charles Bridge and going up to the castle is a must.  In my experience the local cuisine is rather heavy but they do have plenty of amazing restaurants to explore. Going out to a club or three is also a must. I met a lot of cool people in my exploring the nightlife. I also hired a private guide the second day so I could find my way around. Even the park under the bridge is really beautiful and it gives you a completely different view. So don’t be lazy and start walking, you won’t regret it.

• You have to see St. Vitus Cathedral as its so Gothic and cool! And if you like medieval times go see The Strahov Monastery. 


• The Petrin Tower is cute but don’t miss The Powder Tower, its so cool and there’s so much history attached to it.


• One of the things I mentioned before was hiring a private tour guide. It’s a whole day but you can stop for lunch and or dinner. This guy was so amazing; I feel like he didn’t miss anything and if he did I had already gotten a lot from him. So, If you can do it, I would highly recommend it.

• The Cathedrals in this city are really spectacular but honestly so is everything else. So have fun and enjoy yourself, you will want to go back for sure.


There are places to drink everywhere, some better than others. I’m going to suggest two that I liked a lot.

• Black Angel’s Bar – This gem is a bar that gets a lot of talk. It’s a very beautifully done cellar cocktail bar. They usually have a pianist playing which gives it a very intimate and romantic feel and the cocktails are amazing and the bartenders are knowledgeable and attentive.


• Buddha Bar - Amazing from the minute you walk in. The Buddha themed Bar/ Lounge has two floors and two bars not to mention they also function as a restaurant with an Asian twist. Both the food and cocktails are amazing and the staff is friendly.


• The Saints Bar – A very cozy, quaint little bar with good music and amazing drinks, this place is LGBT friendly and the bartenders are very friendly.

• Escape Club – This is another typical gay club in the Czech Republic.  Very sexy crowd, with EDM and Techno music & the drinks are amazing. Go here and you WILL have a fun night.

Gorgeous View of the city

The Charles Bridge, Prague

The Opera House in Prague

Tesla stained glass in Shopping Center

Architecturally Amazing Church in Prague

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