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Chile is a a fun place whether you want to go on a summer vacation or a winter ski vacation. Santiago is the Capital of Chile. There’s a lot to see in the city and the nightlife is pretty cool. The city also has amazing parks in it, which are worth seeing.

The beaches are a little bit of a drive but worth it since you get to see a lot of the country. There’s a place called “Vina del Mar” that we went to and found it to be pretty spectacular. The best way to do it is to hire a driver to take you around so you can relax and this way you get to see it all - ours was amazing.

If you’re skiing “Portillo” for instance, there are hotel shuttles that will come get you at the airport. I wouldn’t recommend driving up these mountains in the winter, I did it and boy was that scary!…. but that’s just me. As much as skiing in South America can be amazing because of the snow and the landscape, do not expect lodging to be like it is here in the US or in other places. It’s a lot more plain.


• The W hotel, Santiago. As always… Amazing! The design and service is beyond sophisticated and overall extremely affordable. 

• In Portillo we rented a house but there are plenty of hotels.


• Latin Grill - I am huge on service and here it was AMAZING. The food was good, but nothing to really write home about. The price was average, but for the cost, the portion could have been slightly larger. Regardless, I was full! 

• NAOKI - The BEST sushi I ever had in Chile. The reviews about this place don't lie. Look, I work and live right outside of New York City and am there weekly, so I am not saying I'm a professional, but I know good sushi (I guess now I need to work on my New York Sushi list to share it with all of you!) 

Aqui Esta Coco - Let me start off by saying service is always extremely important to me and this restaurant exceeded my expectations. I personally had the lobster which was presented amazingly, and the cocktails were great. Now all that combined with the fantastic ambiance makes everything worth the price.


The way I would describe the overall feeling I got in Chile is, quiet and serene. I think it would be best if you go with a bunch of fun people and have your own party. They are nice people and very hospitable but slightly standoffish. But we had fun! The ski areas are always ready to drink and party so, this is probably where you’ll meet the most people if meeting people is something you like to do.

Check These Hot Spots Out:

• La Moneda Palace

• San Cristobal Hill

• Santa Lucia Hill

• Museo Chileno de Arte


Want to bar hop without leaving one place? Hotel Galerias has 3 bars! Definitly worth the price!


El Diablito - It may look like a hole in the wall from outside but this place is fun! It has a slight steampunk feel with some of the decor & the people there are amazing and the bartender was extremely attentive.

Budapest - Amazing Service, Homemade Beer, Outdoor Area. What more do I have to say!! It was great being outside and mingling. Get. The. Beer. 


Club Divino - This is the premier club to go to if you’re looking for Santiago’s LGBT scene. This venue boasts several stages for over the top performances by the hottest DJs, drag shows etc. so it’s always a sure bet to be a great night. With the hottest music pulsing and the hottest people in the area Club Divino is definitely the hottest spot around. And by the way, not only do they have this location but they have another location in Vina Del Mar as well.

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