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Snowbird is not only amazing but it is about a forty-minute ride from the Salt Lake City Airport making it extremely convenient. I have skied in a lot of places and happen to love Snowbird. The reason why I think most people go to Snowbird is because of the quality of the snow. There’s always amazing powder at Little Cotton Wood Canyon. Another great thing about Snowbird is that since a great deal of the terrain is for experts, you usually don’t have to wait around in long lines no matter what time of the year you happen to be there. The gondola ride up the mountain alone happens to be breathtakingly beautiful. I will never forget the first time I skied Snowbird going up in the biggest gondola I had ever been in and being totally blown away - yes, blown away! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then we go out and I literally just stood there for a few minutes because I couldn’t believe my eyes. The views of Salt Lake City from up there with the mountains in the background are surreal. That was a moment I will never forget. Just Amazing!

Then they went and built a tunnel through the mountain that takes you from one side to the other on a conveyor belt which was sooooo fun and so scary at the same time, but you can’t help but to love it. Another thing is within this canyon you have other mountains within a few minutes away that you can choose from if you don’t feel like skiing Snowbird every single day. I hope you make it here. The powder is insane!!!!!

I won’t be talking too much about bars and nightlife because every time I have been to Snowbird I brought my own party. I feel this is the way to go. But there are a few bars and quite a few restaurants to choose from. But after a glorious day on the slopes a massage and hanging out at the pool is the way to go… I usually like to end my day with an amazing dinner and spending quality time with my friends before we go to bed, just to get up early and do it all over again. To me Snowbird is like snow camp for adults. I love it!!!


There are a few places to choose from right at the bottom of the mountain but I have two favs:

• The Iron Blossom is my favorite just because I always get a suite with my friends overlooking the mountain and the service has consistently been amazing every single time not to mention the suites are super nice and spacious.


• The Cliff Lodge is also very nice and beautiful but a little big. However, The Cliff Lodge does have an amazing spa and the biggest outdoor pool.


• The Lodge Bistro happens to be my number one choice. Dress to impress as it is very upscale and go at sundown and enjoy the views!

• The Forklift has THE BEST breakfast ever!!

• Wildflower is awesome. Great Italian food and it is wallet-friendly. They have a happy hour where you can get half priced pizzas but we were there around dinner time and the oven roasted chicken was the absolute perfect portion size. 

• The Aerie is actually quite spectacular too. The views are magnificent with their floor to ceiling windows. It is definitely upscale so dress to impress and check their hours before heading over as they aren't open too late. Be sure to review their wine list - it's huge!


If you want more sightseeing than just being at Snowbird then hire a helicopter to either go Heli-skiing in or just so they can show you around.


The Tram Club is one place I have frequented. They have live music and good pub food. They aren't open super late but there is no need to be out in Snowbird till the wee hours of the morning because then you won't enjoy the next day of skiing! The Tram Club is located at the Snowbird Ski Resort but I have gone here even when not staying at the resort because there is always a great crowd and the service is amazing!!

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