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"Queen City"


The King Edward Hotel is definitely a must. It is not too costly and it is absolutely stunning! It has these chandeliers that look like icicles or something and I have never seen anything even close to those. Everyone there is polite and the hotel is beyond accommodating. As you know service is huge with me and they far exceeded my expectations! The rooms are beautiful and look very recently updated so expect nothing less than pure relaxation. 

The Drake Hotel is affordable and funky. Price wise it is a steal and it had all my favorite things! A raw bar, amazing drinks, a superb staff and small plate menu items! They have outdoor areas that are heated during the winters so both inside and out you will meet some awesome (and beautiful!) people. The rooms are slightly on the smaller side in comparison than some others; honestly you do not need anything more than what they provide and the beds are too comfortable! I mean like lay down to relax for a minute and end up taking a nap comfortable! You have to check this place out, you could spend an entire day here just relaxing, eating, drinking, socializing and having a blast! 


• George Restaurant is amazing for a really great and special meal.

• Parcae is not only great but very sexy. This restaurant will definitely set the mood for the whole evening.

Like any major city, restaurants come and go, so be sure to talk to the hotel staff. Although it has been only a little while since I was last in Toronto and I don't expect too much to have changed, it's always great to tap into the pool of local expertise. I will be heading back to Toronto soon so stay tuned! 


• St. Lawrence Market is something to see if you enjoy open air markets.

• Ripley’s Aquarium

• CN Tower

• And of course Niagara Falls is always better from the Canadian side.


• Boutique Bar - This spot is VERY "high end" so dress to impress. It's expensive but well worth it; it is a great place to start your night and meet people. The outdoor patio has beautiful views of the city and the DJ that was there was playing great music. 

• Carbon Bar - The place has this modern / industrial / artist's loft feel to it and they pull it off amazingly! The food is fantastic and I love the open kitchen because you get a little show while waiting for their southern-inspired BBQ food and drinks. Anytime you see an open kitchen you're guaranteed that the place is kept immaculately. the fun stuff. The bar is super sleek and sexy and they have a bunch of different beers on tap but the coolest thing about the bar is the wall of different liquors and wines. The windows provide a good view of the outdoors so you can easily plan your next spot while drinking here. Be sure to ask your bartender for suggestions, they were super informative here!!


Toronto is a great multicultural city. The night life is great and they love to party.

I didn’t do a lot of late nights in Toronto but that doesn't mean you can't! The area is full of clubs and bars; There are a bunch of colleges and universities local to the area so you can find a party basically any night. Now like any city, Toronto pretty much has it all, as long as you look for it. Be sure to speak to your concierge about this city and they will suggest different areas of the city based on the night that you are looking for.

The one place I have experienced on multiple occasions is The Ivy Club. The sound system and light-shows are captivating! There is a great deal of diversity inside so everyone always feels welcome. The crowd is very mature and respectful, so its almost a guarantee that you'll have a great night. This place gets packed, and I mean packed! So be sure to tip well and make yourself known and get a table for the night. I would definitely suggest a table so you have ample space so that you're comfortable. It doesn't mean you can't go down to the main floor and dance and mingle! 

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto Canada

A relaxing and elegant interior is one of the things I look for in a good restaurant. Of course the food is the most important component but I want to leave feeling full and royal.

There are sooo many places to go out in Toronto. It can be quite the party city (if that's what you're looking for!)

Downtown Toronto at Night

The CN Tower, Toronto Canada

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