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Colorado is an amazing state with lots of places to go and explore. This is a very enchanting little town at the foot of one of the best mountains I have ever skied in my life. Once in Vail it is hard to decide whether to go skiing right away and challenge your skills or whether you want to go explore the town first. Yes, it is that amazing! But you decide…  go treat yourself.  I am going to suggest flying into Eagle airport, this makes life that much easier. Like Aspen, Vail also has amazing restaurants and lots of shopping so, get ready!

This is a very high-end charming town with tons of outdoor fun, amazing nightlife and the best restaurants you can find.


Sonnenalp is amazing. No detail has been overlooked from the quality of those employed there to the chairs to the exposed wood beams in the ceiling. It has a cabin-in-the-woods feel while you're wrapped in luxury. This place is fantastic at any point throughout the year, snow or not. Ski trails near this hotel turn to hiking trails and a variety of pools make this place family friendly but also perfect for couples needing an escape. Everyone here makes you feel so welcome! 


• Sweet Basil is one of my fav’s. This restaurant has managed to keep it’s level of quality and reputation for years. You will have to make reservations way ahead of time though.


• Up the Creek: You know, one of the things about a restaurant that can really irk me is the lighting. If it's too bright it feels loud and there's no privacy. If it's took dark I can't enjoy the presentation of my food or the company I keep. Up the Creek was perfect! It was so comfortable and the lighting was welcoming yet private. It's not too expensive and everything was delicious. I had elk which was very unique and very juicy. 


• Matsuhisa: So I love floor to ceiling windows. I've probably mentioned these in this site like a hundred times. I also love sushi. Do you see where we are going with this yet?? Yup, this place has both. The drinks were amazing, strong but not too strong and the food was AMAZING! I know I've mentioned I'm from New York and we have some of the best sushi chefs in the world, but this place tops some of my fav locations. And the service you may ask? AMAZING! This place is a gem. 


• The Little Diner: This isn't some Small Town USA place. I mean, the diner itself is small, like way small, but its exclusive and the food is amazing. The service is great, and due to the places size it feels like you have a team of personal waitstaff. It is beyond affordable and it's the first place I tried an egg on a burger and I fell in love! This place will always hold a special place in my heart. 


Vail Backcountry Tours is the way to go. They are full of information and you will learn a lot of history about Vail and personal stories of your guide. The tour is very thorough and I assure you that you will not leave Vail feeling like you missed any aspect of this beautiful town if you take the tour with them. Bring your good camera!!!


• Shakedown Bar - Very lively place with great people and great live music. They had a lot of music memorabilia on the walls also so it was like a mini museum to enjoy while enjoying your....water =P.

• Pepi’s Bar - This place is huge. Two dining rooms, the bar and a deck. A very diverse menu with American, European and German foods and a beer and wine list that could keep your attention for days. 

• Root & Flower - I've been to Vail plenty of times and what I really enjoy about Root and Flower is that their menu is constantly changing so every time I'm there I'm trying something new. Oh yeah, and they have 50 wines on the menu. So leave the keys in your room. This is a cozy place and a beautiful way to end your night.

• The Remedy Bar - Had a bad day on the slopes? This place has the Remedy! Located in the four seasons, this place does everything correctly. The food is presented amazingly, the wine list is good and the cocktails are a rainbow of colors delivered in very classy glasses. Generous food portions and amazing people to converse with. 


• Avalanche Pub: Surprisingly cheap for a Marriott bar and a great selection. The night I was last there there was some live music and we got a couple of flights to try different beers. Vail is usually not a town I stay out too late in and this place isn't open too late so it pairs perfectly with my vacation plans. 

• Bacco’s Lounge: Great place to take a load off after a long day. The bartenders were super friendly! 

• Game Creek Club: Its built into the mountain and has Members Only benefits which are great to explore if you frequent or plan on frequenting the area. This place feels like home. Everyone there is so warm and the decor is minimal yet eloquent. You never know who you're going to see here! 

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