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Chicago - "The Windy City"

This is by far one of my favorite cities simply because the people from the mid-west are just amazing people. The energy of Chicago is definitely like no other. I said in my introduction I wasn’t going to say anything negative at all but that being said… There is a great deal of attitude in a lot of cities across the board... I feel that this isn’t the case in Chicago. I have been at five star restaurants and super sexy bars and everyone from the staff to the clientele happens to be so polite and so friendly. I’m very sensitive to this kind of thing and Chicago holds the crown for being the friendliest city I have ever been to.  I’m sure they have their issues, I mean, you see it on TV but I have never had the experienced that, thank God!  So if you haven’t been I recommend you go and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and I have been here numerous times. I love Chicago!


• The W, of course! And no I’m not getting paid to keep promoting the W hotels, they just have it together in every way. I love the one on Lake Shore Drive. As always, it’s very sexy and sophisticated and all of their employees are super nice, just like everyone else I have encountered in Chicago

• I have also stayed at the James Hotel and I love it. The rooms are large, the bathrooms are super luxurious and the restaurant on site is fantastic. The entire experience here is just elegant and sexy. 

• The Dana is another little gem. The floor to ceiling windows in the room are super cool - its like you're floating over Chicago. The rooftop lounge is a very nice spot to relax on a nice day with a ;).The staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable so talk to the concierge or your bartender and ask for their opinions on places! 


• Nellcote- This place is super sexy, super glamorous and very friendly. It’s kind of hard to capture all that in one location and somehow, they’ve done it. It’s great for dinner but I also love it for brunch! I think it’s the best and sexiest brunch in town. Both the design of the restaurant and the service will make you feel like royalty! The hanging chandeliers were stunning and added to the relaxing atmosphere. It gets pretty wild at night too! The place stays busy and the music and entertainment was great. It is my go to spot in Chicago, and I'm there ALOT.

Now just because I'm in love with the places mentioned above doesn't mean I haven't tried other things! As I said I'm in Chicago a lot (I absolutely love this city and you HAVE to go.) so you know I have to try everything! This is another time that I am going to tell you to take advantage of the knowledge of the concierge at your hotel. They will point you in some amazing directions! 

• Parachute - If you can get in. It is a very small spot serving Korean-American fusion food and the cocktails are FANTASTIC. When I got there we were lucky enough to be seated quickly, however by the time we left there was a line outside.

• Honey Butter Fried Chicken - This Fast-Casual spot makes you doubt the knowledge you ever thought you had about chicken. The food was fantastic and not too greasy so we weren't uncomfortably full or lacking energy after we ate. It was perfect for lunch.

• Boka - Great American food but what I loved about this place was their back patio. We had a delicious candle-lit dinner out there so be sure to go on a beautiful warm night! Add a glass a wine to the table and you'll really set the mood! 

• Aliena - There is nothing like it. Three different sections with three different experiences. To go with this trend of threes, it has a three star Michelin rating. It is absolutely worth every penny. The slogan on their website, "Alinea is not a least, not in a conventional sense." sums it up quite well. Just go, trust me on this one. 

• Acadia - Upscale and very special and romantic place to go have an amazing dinner and build some memories.


• Pingpong - Asian Fusion spot that's walking distance to the water and also has a lovely Thai section of the menu. It is super sexy and amazing if you happen to be in boy’s town. The tartar was great!!

If you go to Chicago in the summer you can of course take advantage of the lake. It is easy to meet people in Chicago and meet up at the beach and play volleyball or just enjoy the lake. It’s also easy to get invited on someone’s boat and enjoy the lake that way. They’re just friendly. But rollerblading is also fun along the water. And of course, they love to party!!  So yeah... it’s insane! You may need to drink some good natural juices every day in the morning just too sort of repair any liver damage. Even “Taste of Chicago” is super fun... especially if you’re drinking… and no I don’t have a drinking problem... I have a great relationship with it!

Check these local Hot Spots out as well:

• 360 Chicago- Observatory


• Chicago Riverwalk

• Navy Pier

• Buckingham Fountain

• Wrigley Field


• Skylark

• Lost Lake

• Main Street Bar

• Tin Lizzie Saloon

• Emporium Logan Square

• Sidetrack

• Roscoe’s


Chicago has the best nightlife ever! And Thank God for Uber! You’re going to need it.

• Sidetrack is a very large gay club in Chicago. The people here are AMAZING! The music was great and everyone is super sexy. Aside from the people the place is stunning. It is modern and spacious without losing that comfortable feel to it. Nothing about this place is cold except those slushy drinks that I couldn't stay away from!  

• Piccolo Lounge - The place definitely packs out on the weekend! It is a nice place with a very mixed crowd. We stopped by here to take a load off and relax. It is a very comfortable place so it’s okay to just chill out after a day of exploring this lovely city!

• Brandon's Speakeasy was a ton of fun. Definitely had the feel of a couple places mashed together, and it works! There was karaoke and a college scene here, but the layout and decor was very old time gangster, without having to know a password to get in =). I've been here on multiple locations and can't speak highly enough about the fantastic happy hour deals. This spot is good at all hours, but gets crazy at night so go let loose!!​

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