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Ibiza is an awesome place but very expensive so make sure you bring some cash because you will need it. 

But you only live once and you can’t take it with you so…. Live It Up!! ; )


It’s funny because I feel like Ibiza has a reputation for being ALL about drugs and parties and although there is some of that just like you can find in any city I didn’t find it to be all about that at all. Ibiza is a very beautiful,  tranquil and relaxing island. People really know how to just relax and have fun. It’s full of people from all over the world which makes it super interesting. From the gorgeous beaches to the amazing nightlife, you can do whatever you want here. Make it a relaxing vacation or go totally nuts at night. Or both of course… I would go with both. I have found very quiet isolated beaches where it’s just you and whoever you’re with and of course the boats or yachts out on the water.  The water is so amazingly clear you can see the bottom of your feet at all times. I really felt like I was in heaven here in Ibiza. I also found little restaurants along the beach that were so cute and soooooo good!!! Everything they eat is naturally grown or picked from the backyard or just fished out of the ocean. This island goes down as one of my top 3 places ever!!! I was having such an amazing time one day at this crazy beach that I forgot the time and I had to hitchhike back to the hotel, yeah exactly!!! I can't believe I did that but, it turned out just fine! And looking back I’m so glad it worked out that way, because it added to my adventure.

I happen to be going back this year so I will keep you posted as to how it’s doing and what I find. I can’t wait.


Hotel Aguas de Ibiza - Their resort-like features and world class amenities makes this place a vacation in and of itself. This is one of those spots that you never know who you'll run into so be sure to socialize and keep your eyes out! Everyone here is super friendly and the staff is so professional. The rooms are modern and so sleek and the food is spectacular. Definitely take some time to unwind and enjoy your room! The place comes with quite the price tag so be sure to enjoy it and know that it's totally worth it!!


• Cotton beach is sexy and the food is amazing.

• Es Tragon

• El Limonero

• Restaurante Sa Soca


Fun, fun and more fun! There’s shopping and walking in the old town takes you back in time for sure. There’s lots of restaurants and bars everywhere. However, spend the day at the beach and the pool because nothing really happens or opens until like 6 or 7 pm. Enjoy the sun, take tours and take naps during the day because the night is unreal!  Just sooo fun! If you plan on going to clubs at night make sure you go to the beach and get “free passes”  because most clubs are crazy expensive just to get in the door.  But if you’re going to Ibiza you do have to plan to spend some cash. It’s amazing but not cheap.  Put it on your bucket list and make it happen!! Enjoy!

Don't just stick to the "tourist" beaches when visiting Ibiza. Go hiking and exploring and you are such to find some amazing hideaways! The entire island is incredibly beautiful. 

• Dalt Villa is a must!!! This neighborhood will take you back in time and inspire you so much.

• Catedral de Ibiza

• Puig De Missa

• Museo Puget

• Convento De San Cristobal

• There are a lot of boat and water sports rental locations


• Tantra bar

• Plastik bar

• Dunes

• Bambuddha


Go out and meet people and have a blast! It is so fun.


We've all heard stories about Ibiza and most of them are true. The nightlife here is crazy!! Things start late, so be sure to get some sleep and plan accordingly! You have to experience the nightlife. I promise you will leave Ibiza with your own stories, some of which people may have a hard time believing until they go there! If you want it you can find it, any scene you could dream up is in Ibiza. Clubs here also have locations worldwide, like Pacha and Space, and there's a reason why even in other counties the name Ibiza is in the title - because it’s amazing and the clubs want you to know that you can have the "Ibiza Experience" even in Brazil or New York. So nap, eat something and go out and have a blast! Memories are made (and forgotten) here!!

• Pacha

• Amnesia

• Ede

• Heart

• Summer 2017: We went “Heart” and we went to “Glitter Box” (where Space used to be) I’m not really sure which one was better. It’s hard to tell because they’re both so awesome. The music of course, is insane!!! And the dancers are crazy and hot! For sure. So I suggest going to both. 


So after a number of years, I went back to Ibiza. The first time around I loved it, this time, I really fell in love with it. I forgot how extraordinarily beautiful this little island happens to be. It really is like no other place I have ever seen. The Mediterranean is probably the most beautiful bodies of water I have ever been in.  This time we also rented a private boat and went island hoping around Ibiza. This was one of the most fun and spectacular things I have done in years! What a day!


From Ibiza we boated to Formentera which is another Island about 40 minutes away. We found this amazing restaurant on this tiny island that you had to have a reservation for way ahead of time. Boats and yachts that were millions of dollars surrounded the place. This alone was an experience not to ever forget.


Of course the nightlife is spectacular and I found that this time around, the restaurants were even better. The place has gotten better in the last few years. One thing I would like to take a minute to touch on again is the whole idea of Ibiza being a “drug infested place”. I have heard this so many times from so many people and my answer to that is, NO it isn’t !!! I’m sure that if that’s what you’re looking for you can find it, just like you can find it in your own back yard if you did your homework. That was not the situation at all.  The place could not be any nicer and cleaner. And the clubs and beaches are absolutely amazing. Another thing is there’s no crime at all. I even left my phone in a cab and the cab driver brought it back to me which I couldn’t believe. So the two times I have been here has been nothing but awesomeness!!!  

Cavallet is one of the best beaches in Ibiza... out of the way a bit but so worth it. Plus the restaurant here is amazing!

Good friends taking it all in and relaxing on a private boat

This is probably one of the Best Restaurants in Old town Ibiza.
La Olivia is right at the entrance  of the fort. Super romantic and the food was exquisite.

Drinks and Dinner at Restaurant La Oliva

Find a rooftop and relax! The views from any place along the beach in Ibiza are incredible!

First night we went to Heart nightclub in Ibiza. It was super hot!!

Beach in Ibiza, Spain

You can drink on the beaches in Ibiza but be respectful of the families and others around you and ALWAYS clean up and protect the wildlife.

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